When D. L. Fail purchased the Bay Springs, Mississippi Telephone Company in 1923, the deal included one manual switchboard, a handful of telephone poles, and 120 loyal customers. Fail and his wife Estelle operated the fledgling company from a spare room in their home, sleeping in the same room with the switchboard to ensure their customers would never miss a late night call.

The business gained another employee when the Fails' oldest son, Charles, was born in 1929. Charles Fail grew up in the telephone business, spending holidays and summer vacations repairing equipment and climbing telephone poles-literally learning the telephone service industry from the ground up.

In 1973, the family business had evolved into the Telephone Electronics Corporation (TEC), a holding company for a network of independent telephone companies serving customers in four states.

In 1992, Charles Fail founded Fail Telecommunications Corporation (FTC), a holding company for two telephone companies in Mississippi, one telephone company in Georgia, a long distance carrier, and an Internet service provider. FTC manages and oversees the needs of each subsidiary's telecommunications network. This new company's vision is to offer customers within it operating areas the highest quality in advanced communications systems.

Building on a history of success, FTC is dedicated to a future of continued accomplishments through maintaining a commitment to service and seeking out potential markets in the telecommunications industry.
NeXband Communications, Inc.
Integrated Telecommunications Provider

GulfPines Communications, Inc.
Integrated Telecommunications Provider
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